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Appeal to organizations and representatives of conscious and organized communist movement of the whole world to send and let others send solidarity messages to the Factory Collective and GKN workers of Campi Bisenzio (Florence)

August 30, 2021

On 9 July 2021 the British speculative financial fund MELROSE notified via Whatsapp to each of the 490 workers of the metalworking company GKN which they were fired because the company closes. But workers have rebelled.
GKN is a historic company: it has existed since 1939. Until 1994 was a FIAT (Italy) company. Then it has passed master in the master, remaining a company that produces components for automotive companies, above all (80% - 90%) for FIAT; then for FCA - 2014 by the fusion of FIAT and Chrysler (USA); now for Stellantis - 2021 from the fusion of FCA and Peugeot (France).

The liquidation of the GKN is a step forward of the dismantling of the automotive sector in Italy, started in the 90s by FIAT and then continued by FCA and now Stellantis. In turn, the dismantling of the automotive sector is part of the dismantling of the productive apparatus of goods and services that the imperialist bourgeoisie is implementing from 1990 in Italy (as in other imperialist countries). The capitalists systematically move the production of goods and services in countries where wages are lower, workers' rights are minor and environment pollution is more free. The top of the Italian Republic installed Mario Draghi's government (banker, former president of the European Central Bank) in February 2021 precisely because he favors the liquidation of the achievements that proletarians and popular masses in Italy have ripped out from the capitalists in the decades in which the conscious and organized communist movement was strong in the world.

GKN workers rebelled to the decision of the MELROSE speculative financial fund, endorsed by Draghi government.

In GKN there has been a workers' organisation for years, the GKN Factory Collective: it has placed itself at the head of the rebellion to the decision of MELROSE fund.

GKN workers launched a national workers mobilization campaign to end the process of dismantling the productive apparatus of goods and services. The campaign launched by the GKN Factory Collective has already mobilized workers and popular masses from end to end of the peninsula in various initiatives. The coming initiatives are the assemblies on Friday 3 September in Naples, on Saturday 4 September in Rome, on Sunday 5 September in Turin, on Monday 6 September in Milan and a national mobilization on Saturday 18 September. Other initiatives are in progress throughout the month of September and October 2021. The aim of us the communists is that this campaign leads to the end of the process of dismantling the production apparatus and the imposition of a governmental line of 1. reorganization of the production apparatus in favor of workers and popular masses and 2. defense and clean-up of the environment.

The success of the campaign promoted by the GKN Factory Collective as well as safeguarding the GKN company of Campi Bisenzio (Florence) and the interests of the proletariat and the Italian popular masses, will be an example and a stimulus for workers from other countries.

So, we demand to every recipient of this appeal to send and let others send solidarity messages and videomessages to Factory Collective and GKN workers and to introduce the campaign which they are leading.

Solidarity is a weapon: let’s use it!

It is not that the capitalists are strong: at the contrary, they are in crisis. The precipitate and disordered escape of NATO troops and its assistants, just in these days the defeat of US, EU and Zionist imperialist groups in Afghanistan have shown it.

Future depends on proletarians and popular masses: it is up to them asserting their own force mobilizing and organizing themselves.

The task of communists, progressives and sincere democrats is to foster and promote mobilization and organization of workers and popular masses which bourgeoisie in a thousand ways with its system of preventive counter-revolution tries to intoxicate mind and heart and divert from class struggle!

We demand to every recipient of this appeal to send his own solidarity message to:

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/coordinamentogknfirenze

Email: collettivo.gkn.firenze@gmail.com - consigliodifabbricagkn@gmail.com